Thank you for showing interest in having Mikey Brooks & Ali Cross come to your school. Below you will find a brief outline and explanation of the presentation they will deliver to your students. They are comfortable in doing whole school assemblies, specific grade assemblies, or even classroom visits. You are invited to look over the catalog showcasing both Mikey and Ali’s books CLICK HERE. No purchase is necessary but note that the prices are discounted for schools. If you have any questions you can contact Mikey directly by emailing him at: insidemikeysworld[at] or Ali at: ali[at]  

What to Expect during the Presentation

Stories have been a part of the human race since the beginning of time. Before the written word we had oral stories shared around campfires and in songs. Now we have them everywhere, not just in books. We see them in movies, pop music, theatrical plays and dances, even in video games. Mikey and Ali believe that there is something that connects every reader to a story. They call it: magic. The important thing is to discover what that magic is and how to use it to create a love of reading for a lifetime

Outline of Presentation:

·         Introduction

·         Why We Love Stories

·         The Magic that Connects Us

·         How to Build a Story

·         Creating a Character

·         Creating a Story

·         The Magic in Reading, Writing & Illustrating

·         Questions from Students

During the presentation Mikey will put his illustration skills to the test. With the help of the kids he will draw a conglomerate of different things to make the perfect character. (Example shown is a mixture of a T-Rex, Zebra, Unicorn, and Mermaid, created during an Elementary School Visit in 2014). Mikey, Ali, and the kids will use this character to write a short story together. Understanding what elements are used to create a story helps kids understand them better, which benefits them as readers and writers.

After the presentation Mikey will take a picture of the drawing and then recreate it professionally to be given to the school later. This is always a fun activity that kids of all ages enjoy.

Mikey and Ali’s hope is that they can instill in each child a desire to pick up a book and read. They thank you for the opportunity and looks forward to sharing this message with your school.

Want to read a story created by

Ali Cross and Mikey Brooks with the help of Liberty Elementary?

Read UGORY, DON'T GIVE UP click here

Want mikey & Ali to come to your school?

If your school is located in Salt Lake City, Utah, (and surrounding areas) they are willing to come to your school to meet with your class and discuss ways in which magic can be found in writing and illustrating. For those schools outside of Utah they also offer Skype calls with your class. They've had enjoyable experiences sharing with students how magical reading, writing, and illustrating can be. They'd love to have more of those incredible experiences! To schedule a school visit simply email Mikey at: insidemikeysworld [at], please put “School Visit request” in the subject line.


A note from Mikey

"I love teachers"

Without the teachers I had, I would never be where I am today. Teachers have a way of touching the hearts of children with magic. Because I love teachers so much, I want to give back to them. Most of my eBooks are available for FREE to teachers and librarians. I also offer my books at a discounted rate for your students.

All of my middle-grade books include Lexile scores and the convenience of downloadable MARC files. I am also working on creating lesson plans that you can use in the classroom. Look for those soon. My picture books are suitable for all ages and help inspire and teach concepts such friendship, imagination, cleanliness, and focus on education areas like the alphabet and mythology.


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Simply fill out the form below to request your gift. Can you use the eBook in your classroom and share it with your student? YES! If your students have an eReader I would love for them to have a copy as well. If your school doesn’t offer eReading devices I also offer print books at a discounted price for schools and libraries. The Dream Keeper is also available as an audiobook.

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